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Company Profile

Lite Lai company is a body corporate , industry and trade , the company is committed preformed electrical fittings , cable fittings , R & D line fittings , production and sales. With advanced production equipment and testing equipment, and have passed ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and successfully passed industries, ministries and national signing , has been widely promoted and applied in the industry , some products are exported abroad dozens of countries and regions in the domestic market established a high reputation

cable connector box Lever

cable connector box Towers  Pre-twisted wire Clamp ADSS Pre-twisted wire suspension clamp  hoop Lever
Tension clamp Towers straight clamp Towers cable cable rack Lever ADSS / OPGW cable cable rack Towers ADSS / OPGW deflectors folder Lever ADSS

deflectors folder Lever OPGW

 deflectors folder Towers ADSS deflectors folder Towers OPGW longer deflectors Clamps Towers  OPGW  tuning fork vibration hammer FRD -type

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